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Consultancy Conceptual Desıgn
Green Naval Design works in close cooperation with the client on the initial design of a new vessel. In this stage of the project we work towards the concept according client’s wishes. Design calculations result in preliminary drawings, specifications and plans. In most projects the conceptual design package includes a detailed general arrangement plan, an outline specification, a main frame drawings and a design report. The design report gives the client a summary of the design calculations performed. The conceptual design can be supported by CFD analysis, towing tank test, structural anaylsis, or any other additional scope that may assist in our project plan. All of the projecet are created in 3D circumtances and our customers can see what they will have at initial stage of the project. Additionally by this way, it is a common practice for us the create 3D artistic impressions. General arrangement plan Engine room arrangement plan Equipment number calculation Freeboard calculation Speed & power calculation Preliminary heating load calculation Risk evaluation & risk management 3D model of outer ship profile Technical specification Seakeeping calculations Equipment number calculation Arrangement plan Midship section plan Preliminary Electrical Load analysis Fuel consumption calculation Preliminary cost calculation Capacity, stability &longitudinal strength calculation
Contract Desıgn
A contract design follows on from the concept design and gives the customer an adequately detailed basis for a new-building contract with the shipyard to be signed. During this design phase all design calculations are carried out, final design and configuration decisions are made and a smooth building process with an end product delivery that would fulfill precisely the customer’s needs are guaranteed in fact the shipyard can quote a fixed price.
Technical specification Lines plan Structural scantling plans Arrangement plan Midship section plan Welding plan Equipment foundations Fire safety plan Insulation plan Production block plan Maker List Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems Electrical systems Propulsion system arrangement Equipment number calculation Structural calculation sheets Access plan Escape plan Docking plan Capacity, stability &longitudinal strength calculation Heating load calculation Maneuvering calculations Speed & power calculation Light ship weight calculation Seakeeping calculations 3D Ship model
Productıon Desıgn (cad /cam)
HULL HULL For the ship whose structural scantling information is determined during contractual design process, structural elements such as shell expansion, deck construction, bulkheads together with stiffeners, brackets, webs, floors, girders, etc. are modeled with material specifications in 3D and in accordance with the block division plan. Afterwards following documents and information are prepared for the building of the ship’s hull structure,
Assembly Chart Hull workshop drawings Nesting parts/drawings CNC codes Profile production plans Plate & profile bending molds Jig plan Material lists
PIPING & OUTFITTING OUTFITTING production engineering includes all components except the hull structure of the ship. In the scope of this process 3D modeling of the following subsystems and equipment, installation of the equipment in relevant spaces, clash control and preparation of necessary production documents and in information are carried out. Piping systems (P&ID) Isometric workmanship drawings HVAC systems Fitting equipments Electric cabling systems Equipment foundations Material lists
ADVANCED ENGINEERING (CAE) Green Naval Design gives an engineering services, not only maritime industry, but also the other industries, with the experience of Finite Element Method as strength calculations and analysis, resistance and propulsion system calculations, maneuvering and control calculations, vibration calculations, hydro elastic analysis, thermal analysis.
Research & Development (R&D) Green Naval Design & Technology basically working on project that focused on reducing the cost of fuel of the ship, by using structural analysis and optimization, and using hydrogen fuel - Dual Fuel Electric Propulsion such as LNG instead of HFO in to the ship fuel. we are working on Green Ship concept. Beside that Green Naval Design support the R&D project by using its computation and engineering abilities,proceeding by the other foundations.
green naval desıgn & technology
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green naval desıgn & technology
green naval desıgn & technology
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